Managing Director

Tim Woodhouse

Tim Woodhouse leads the team at Upshift as Managing Director and Chief Consultant, drawing on decades of experience from start-ups to senior leadership roles within some of the world’s largest corporations he offers real-world solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes.

With operational and leadership knowledge within organisations across a range of sectors, Tim is able to quickly analyse and identify root cause issues in order to generate effective action plans that overcome stumbling blocks to growth. With a straight-talking, jargon free approach, Tim’s creative, effective methods have fast-gained him an impressive reputation for success within the business transformation sector.

Tim commented, “I am privileged to have worked with some amazing people in some amazing businesses where I have been able to offer real value. My depth of business experience enables me to help organisations, using the knowledge and hands-on experience to really understand the challenges of growing an SME or transforming a corporation.

Tim’s career highlights to date include:

  • Worked with the senior leadership team to deliver business development and global business growth from $20M to $100M
  • Delivered a design & manufacturing project in the UK & Indonesia reducing design/production lead time by 65% and increasing
  • Developed the strategy and tactically delivered reorganisation of UK corporate division, tripling throughput whilst increasing OTD from 70% to 96%
  • Successfully founded, ran and subsequently sold a highly-successful engineering business
  • Successfully identified and integrated strategic low-cost supplier to deliver $2m cost reductions
  • Changed commercial product design to deliver cross platform solutions reducing production time by 66% and RFT by 700%

"Sometimes running a business can be a lonely place and so it’s nice to have someone in your corner that you know will give you an honest, unbiased answer, someone you can bounce ideas off and who will help you hone ideas. Tim's challenging though, as he doesn’t let me off and will often push me past my comfort zone."